life overview chart

This is a comprehensive chart that contains 36 archetypes in all. These wheels are cast when you are seeking guidance on a particular area of your life and want to create archetypal complexes, or triads, groups of three archetypes that fall within the same house on each of the three wheels. These triads offer an even greater depth of nuance and insight in to the matter for which you are seeking guidance than does a single wheel. The first wheel is the chart of origin or the Chronos Wheel. The second wheel, called the Kairos Wheel, and contains archetypes that in some way have remained in the background of your life, not playing an active role but appearing only on occasion. You will select them based on your feelings about which archetypal patterns are relevant in the moment that you are casting your chart. The third chart is the Cosmic Wheel, which contains the archetypes that the Divine chooses for you in a given moment of guidance. You will select the Cosmic archetypes entirely at random.

The Life Contract Overview Chart is the most complex chart, taking several hours to interpret. You can click on the graphic to download a pdf of the chart.  See Services for costs of each chart interpretation.