Sacred Contracts

Completing a two-year CMED (Caroline Myss Education Division) Archetypes and Sacred Contract Course in September 2004, Leslie is listed on the Myss web site as a Myss trained Archetypal Consultant. Leslie can work with individuals helping find archetypes that will help identify personal contracts and interpret the archetypes once on the charts.

A contract is your overall relationship to your personal power and your spiritual power. It is how you work with your energy and whom you give it to. Although a contract is not the physical details of your life, you can use those details to figure out what your contract is with the assistance of your archetypes.

Archetypes are the architects of your life and energy guides that can direct you toward your spiritual purpose and your contract. They are the energy fields through which you can learn to understand yourself as well as your contract. We each have twelve archetypes, four that are common to everyone (called survival archetypes), and eight that are chosen by the individual. The survival archetypes symbolize our major life challenges and how we choose to survive and maintain our self-esteem. Together they represent the issues, fears, and vulnerabilities that cause us to give our spiritual power away, and sometimes our physical power as well. In becoming more familiar with these four archetypes, they can become our most treasured allies in preventing us from giving away our power. For example, the prostitute archetype can SHOW us how we are prostituting ourselves in world, whether it is in a job or even in a marriage or other important relationship. For more comprehensive information about the survival archetypes, see Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss (page 110).

Working with your archetypes involves seeing your life in symbols at the center of a broad universal picture. The energies of these archetypes can help us understand ourselves and can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose and bring our Sacred Contract into our conscious awareness.

** Chart interpretation does not have to be done in person. Once your archetypes are cast into the houses, you can send that information to me and I can do the interpretation and send it back to you via email, fax or snail mail. See the Services page for more details. **