Light Attribute: Helps you recognize and confront addictive behavior.
Shadow Attribute: Compromises integrity and honesty. Allows an addictive pattern to have authority over your inner spirit.

Light Attribute: Inspires you to put compassion into action.
Shadow Attribute: Embracing negative causes or committing to causes for personal gain.

Light Attribute: Transformation of base motives and goals into golden wisdom.
Shadow Attribute: Misuse of the power and knowledge that come through spiritual practice.

Light Attribute: Helping those in need with no expectation of return.
Shadow Attribute: Acting innocent or angelic to mislead others. Falsely claiming to be in touch with angelic guidance.

Light Attribute: Expressing a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses. Inspiring others to see life symbolically.
Shadow Attribute: Using talent as an excuse to mistreat others. Posing as the Starving Artist to elicit pity.

Light Attribute: Dedication to transcending physical limits, including handicaps. Development of personal willpower and strength of spirit.
Shadow Attribute: Misuse of athletic ability for selfish ends. False sense of invulnerability and entitlement.

Light Attribute: Desire to balance the scales of justice. Righteousness on behalf of society of oneself.
Shadow Attribute: Resorting to violence in the name of a cause.

Light Attribute: Confronts empowerment at the level of physical survival. Awakens the spiritual authority of humility, compassion, and self-esteem.
Shadow Attribute: Dependence on others to the exclusion of effort.

Light Attribute: Highlights you r tendency intimidate others. Helps you confront the inner fears that bully you.
Shadow Attribute: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse.

Variations include Divine, Eternal Boy/Girl, Magical/Innocent, Nature, Orphan, and Wounded, many of which are present to some degree in every psyche. One aspect is usually dominant. Choose carefully, because you can have only one Child archetype in your support team.

Child: Divine
Light Attribute: Innocence, purity, and redemption. Suggests a special connection with the Divine.
Shadow Attribute: An inability to defend oneself against negative forces.

Child: Eternal
Light Attribute: Determination to remain young in body, mind, and spirit. Ability to see things with fresh eyes.
Shadow Attribute: Inability to grow up and be responsible. Extreme dependency on others for physical security.

Child: Magical
Light Attribute: Seeing the potential for sacred beauty in all things. The belief that everything is possible.
Shadow Attribute: Pessimism, depression, and disbelief in miracles. Believing that energy and action are not required for growth.

Child: Nature
Light Attribute: Friendships with animals. Communication with nature spirits.
Shadow Attribute: Tendency to abuse animals, people, and the environment.

Child: Orphan
Light Attribute: Independence based on learning to go it alone. Conquering fear of surviving.
Shadow Attribute: Feelings of abandonment that stifle maturation. Seeking inappropriate surrogate families.

Child: Wounded
Light Attribute: Awakens compassion and desire to serve other Wounded Children. Opens the learning path of forgiveness.
Shadow Attribute: Blames all dysfunctional relationships on childhood wounds. Resists moving on through forgiveness.

Light Attribute: Fearlessly revealing emotion. Helping people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy.
Shadow Attribute: Using humor to wound rather than liberate. Denial of your emotional truth.

Light Attribute: Loyalty, tenacity, and unselfishness.
Shadow Attribute: Betrayal by misusing confidences. Loss of personal identity.

Light Attribute: Understanding the nature of healthy romance. Inspires you to rely on yourself.
Shadow Attribute: Waiting for a Knight to provide for you. Seduction by romantic illusion.

Light Attribute: Great powers of observation and intuition.
Desire to seek out the truth.
Shadow Attribute: Voyeurism. Falsifying information.

Light Attribute: Releasing what is potentially destructive. Preparing for new life.
Shadow Attribute: Intoxication with destructive power. Destroying other‘s dreams or potential.

Light Attribute: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.
Shadow Attribute: Pretension to much deeper knowledge than you actually possess.

Don Juan
Light Attribute: Spotlights your positive seductive qualities.
Shadow Attribute: Using the power of romantic attraction for private agendas.

Light Attribute: Ability to give creative energy a practical expression. Talent for designing resolutions to common dilemmas.
Shadow Attribute: Reliance on mechanistic solutions without regard for emotional consequences.

Light Attribute: Freeing yourself and others of destructive impulses.
Shadow Attribute: Fear of facing your own demons.

Light Attribute: Talent for creating and supporting life.
Positive guiding light within a tribal unit.
Shadow Attribute: Dictatorial control. Abuse of authority.

Femme Fatale
Light Attribute: Highlights the erotic energy of the feminine.
Opens your heart when your dependency is rejected.
Shadow Attribute: Inappropriate use of sensuality. Attachment to money and power.

Light Attribute: Fearlessly revealing emotion. Helping people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy.
Shadow Attribute: Using humor to wound rather than liberate. Denial of your emotional truth.

Light Attribute: Willingness to follow intuition, even when others doubt you.
Shadow Attribute: Relying on luck rather than hard work

Light Attribute: Benevolence and compassion. Recognizing the eternal force within yourself and others.
Shadow Attribute: Despotism and cruelty. Using power to control people.

Light Attribute: The feminine expressed through wisdom. Nature, life force, and sensuality.
Shadow Attribute: Exploitation of the female nature and form.

Light Attribute: Awakens consideration for the feelings of others. Honoring trust.
Shadow Attribute: Thrives on the power of passing on private or secret information. Betraying confidences.

Light Attribute: Represents the nature of the Divine in life and in yourself.
Shadow Attribute: Places financial gain and control over imparting spiritual insight.

Light Attribute: Passion to serve others by repairing the body, mind, and spirit. Ability to help transform pain into healing.
Shadow Attribute: Taking advantage of those who need help. Failing to care for oneself.

Light Attribute: Inspires creative energy to embrace the good things in life. Celebrates the beauty in yourself.
Shadow Attribute: Pursues pleasure to the detriment of health. Indulges at the expense of others.

Light Attribute: Seeks solitude to focus intently on inner life. Serves personal creativity.
Shadow Attribute: Withdraws from society out of fear or negative judgments of others. Refusing to help those in need.

Light Attribute: Passion for a journey of personal empowerment.
Shadow Attribute: Escapism and a false sense of heroism.

Light Attribute: Balancing justice and compassion. Managing the fair distribution of power.
Shadow Attribute: Offering only destructive criticism. Misusing business, legal, or criminal authority.

Light Attribute: Enlightened, benevolent leadership. Benefiting those in your charge.
Shadow Attribute: Excessive feelings of entitlement. Leadership without restraint.

Light Attribute: Loyalty, romance, and chivalry. A love of honor.
Shadow Attribute: Allegiance to a destructive ruler or principle. Romantic delusions.

Light Attribute: Freeing yourself and others from outmoded beliefs. Releasing negative thought patterns.
Shadow Attribute: Imposing your own tyranny over those you claim to liberate. Ignoring legitimate constraints.

Light Attribute: Great passion and devotion. Unbridled appreciation of someone or something.
Shadow Attribute: Obsessive passion that harms others. Self-destructive devotion.

Light Attribute: Learning the transcendent nature of service to oneself or a cause.
Shadow Attribute: Addiction to self-pity.

Light Attribute: Gift for negotiating fairness and strategy in personal and professional life. Respect for both sides of an argument.
Shadow Attribute: Negotiating with an ulterior motive or hidden agenda, either personally or professionally.

Light Attribute: Passing on wisdom and refining a student’s character.
Shadow Attribute: Inability to allow the student to move on to the role of Master. Imparting false instructions.

Light Attribute: Serving humanity with humility.
Shadow Attribute: Exaggerated belief that you are the only means through which a cause can succeed.

Light Attribute: Entrepreneurial or creative ability to turn anything to gold. Delight in sharing life’s riches.
Shadow Attribute: Hording money and emotions. Obsessive fear of losing your wealth.

Light Attribute: Selfless devotion and single-minded dedication to Spirit.
Shadow Attribute: Negative judgment of the physical world. Excess piety.

Light Attribute: Nurturing, patience, unconditional love. Joy in giving birth to life.
Shadow Attribute: Smother or abandoning children. Instilling guilt in children for becoming independent.

Light Attribute: Revels in intimate union with the Divine.
Shadow Attribute: Delusional rapport with the Divine.

Light Attribute: Enhances unity through the sharing of information. Engenders social awareness and empathy.
Shadow Attribute: Conveys information only for personal gain. Spreads fear and false hood.

Light Attribute: Passion for doing and creating what has not been done before.
Shadow Attribute: Compulsive need to keep moving on.

Light Attribute: Expresses soul insights in symbolic language.
Shadow Attribute: Turns a lyric side to negative or destructive effect.

Light Attribute: Romantic charm and potential for power.
Shadow Attribute: Using power for self-aggrandizement.

Light Attribute: Facilitates spiritual commitments. Serves as a channel of spiritual energy.
Shadow Attribute: Violates the trust of your spiritual community. Seduced by your own spiritual role.

Light Attribute: Accentuates the challenge of surviving without negotiating the power of your spirit.
Shadow Attribute: Places material considerations and security above self-empowerment.

Light Attribute: Radiates the regal feminine. Uses her benevolent authority to protect others.
Shadow Attribute: Becomes arrogant when authority is challenged. Controlling and demanding.

Light Attribute: Challenges authority to effect social change. Rejects spiritual systems that do not serve inner needs.
Shadow Attribute: Rejects legitimate authority out of anger. Rebels out of peer pressure or fashion.

Light Attribute: Provides strength and support to others in crisis. Acts out of love with no expectation of reward.
Shadow Attribute: Assumes that the rescued will reciprocate. Keeps the rescued one needy.

Light Attribute: Highlights your fear of self-empowerment and the changes it would bring to your life.
Shadow Attribute: Induces self-destructive behavior or the desire to undermine others.

Light Attribute: Refines your capacity to help those you would prefer to ignore.
Shadow Attribute: Exacting appreciation and recognition for the help you offer.

Light Attribute: Preserving knowledge and information.
Shadow Attribute: Alter facts or plagiarizing others’ work.

Light Attribute: Thirst for wisdom and truth wherever they are.
Shadow Attribute: Inability to commit to a path once found.

Light Attribute: Delight in serving others with a free and loving heart.
Shadow Attribute: Using the lack of money as and excuse not to move forward with life.

Shape Shifter
Light Attribute: Skill at navigating through different levels of consciousness. Ability to se the potential in everything.
Shadow Attribute: Projecting any image that serves your personal agenda in the moment.

Light Attribute: Surrendering you power of choice to the Divine with complete trust.
Shadow Attribute: Giving your willpower to an external authority out of fear of making your own choices.

Light Attribute: Ability to experience and express life through stories and symbols.
Shadow Attribute: Making up tales that harm others.

Light Attribute: Humility and devotion to knowledge. Openness to lifelong learning.
Shadow Attribute: Arrogance in the pursuit of destructive knowledge. Unwillingness to translate knowledge into action.

Light Attribute: Ability to communicate knowledge, experience, skill, or wisdom.
Shadow Attribute: Manipulating or abusing students. Teaching negative traits and destructive skills.

Light Attribute: Sheds light on the potential wealth within you that can never be stolen.
Shadow Attribute: Stealing money, creative ideas, affection, or other powers you think you lack.

Light Attribute: Transcending convention, stuffiness, and predictable behavior.
Shadow Attribute: Manipulating others through duplicity.

Light Attribute: Makes you aware that someone or something is draining your life force.
Shadow Attribute: Depleting others for your psychic survival. Chronic complaining and co-dependency.

Light Attribute: Prevents you from letting yourself be victimized, or victimizing others.
Shadow Attribute: Playing the Victim for positive feedback in the form of pity. Inability to maintain personal boundaries.

Light Attribute: Maintaining symbolic purity of heart and spirit.
Shadow Attribute: Fear of intimate union.

Light Attribute: Capacity to envision what is not yet conceivable to others. Willingness to proclaim a vision without regard for personal gain.
Shadow Attribute: Selling insights to the highest bidder. Compromising your vision to make it more acceptable.

Light Attribute: Strength, skill, discipline, and toughness of will. Heroism, stoicism, and self-sacrifice in conquering the ego.
Shadow Attribute: Trading ethical principles for victory at any cost. Indifference to the suffering inflicted on others.