Step One

If you have the Archetype Cards® by Caroline Myss, published by Hay House, you can use those in choosing your archetypes. Or, you can view the various Archetypes here

Go through the archetypes and choose the ones that are part of your nature on a consistent basis, not for just a few years or under certain circumstances, or only with a few people, but consistently seem to be a part of who you are in this lifetime. A good rule in general when choosing your archetypes is that they must represent characteristics that are continually at work in several areas of your life. Use your own intuition and “gut instinct” in choosing your archetypes. Good questions to ask while choosing archetypes are: Why did I choose this archetype? In What way do I feel this archetype serves my Contracts with other people? How do you serve my Contracts with other people? Insights and connections will come in this process of asking that will feel right and true. If you have a difficult time answering these questions with a particular archetype, then you might want to put that one aside and move on, coming back to that one later.

Casting the Archetypes Into Houses

Once you have chosen your 8, (12 including the 4 survival archetypes) cut out 24 pieces of paper about two inches by three inches. On each of the 12 slips, write the name of one of your 12 archetypes. On the other 12 slips write the numbers one through twelve, one number on each slip of paper. Place the archetypes and the numbers in two different stacks, face down.

Step 2: Intuitive Focus

After centering yourself again, or using the longer meditation in Sacred Contracts, shuffle the two stacks of paper, being careful to keep them separate. As you shuffle the stack of archetypes, ask, “In which houses do these archetypes best serve me?” Your intention creates a magnetic circuit that will direct the archetypes to their appropriate houses as you work with them in Step 3.

Step 3: Intuitive Choice

Picture yourself as a “hollow reed” transmitting energy. Keeping the slips face down, choose one from each pile: a number and an archetype. Each number corresponds to the house in to which that archetype should go. Write the name of that archetype in to the numbered house on your wheel. If you chose the number five and the Victim card for example, your Victim archetype belongs in the fifth house of your wheel. Continue this exercise until all 12 houses are filled. Once the archetypes are situated in a house on the wheel the interpretation can be made.