How Leslie Channels Her Guides

Over 20 years ago, I contacted my guides via automatic writing. It started out rather slow, but the first thing they said to me was: “We bring you love and joy.” It seemed somewhat vague, but in truth, in that moment, those were the two things I needed to hear the most.

Not really knowing what I was doing at the time, I started writing with my eyes closed. As I said, it was rather slow and I would have to open my eyes every now and then to see what was really being written. Finally, on about the fourth day, and several hours of working with this, the guides wrote: “Why don’t you open your eyes?” It was then that I knew they were not me just writing to myself, but an energy outside of me. When I did open my eyes, the information flowed more easily. Eventually I began to trust the information. They again said: “Why don’t you type out what we say as you type much faster than you write.” Once I started doing that, the information really came forth with gusto!

After a year of writing down all the information they were giving me, I started channeling and writing information for other people. After a year of writing, I began to speak the information they gave doing readings for individuals as well as groups.

The most important thing I do is stay out of the way when giving a reading. I am a conscious channel. In other words, I hear and remember everything that is going on. I don’t leave my body per se, but I do feel that I am hearing and speaking the information they give me from a place outside of my body. The information they give me comes from the Akashic Records, a universal storehouse of information about the journey of individual souls.

The information the guides give is usually clear, concise, and helpful. The guides like questions and want to know what you want to know, rather than just giving general information. They want to know what you long for, what your passion is, and what you want from the world that you feel you are not getting.

My Guides are kind, have a great sense of humor, and deliver the answers to questions with compassion and gentleness of Spirit.

Channeled Readings are done in person, via telephone, online, or via email. See Services for fee schedule.

Past Life Readings
Past Life Readings can be done in person, or via email. Leslie contacts her guides for this information about your past lives and any information about those lives and how they may be influencing your present life.